A J2EE AJAX Web Application Generator from JPA annotated beans


Generate J2EE AJAX based web applications from JPA annotated beans. The applications generated by this tool allow a final user to add, delete, search, modify and interconnect instances of database-synchronized objects in a friendly AJAX based web user interface using the ZK framework.


News: 09/05/2008

          New release 1.5 (beta) supports Lazy persistence and automatic form validation using Hibernate Validator annotations. Advanced custom annotations.


News: 15/01/2008

          Jpa2Web article at IBM explains the idea of jpa2web as well as how to get it running.



News: 07/11/2007

          New release 1.0 supports ZK 3.0, ManyToMany annotations and decoration facilities in the MemberField annotation. Moved from Beta to Stable!


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About jpa2web

The idea of this software generation program, is to generate the code of a web application to add, edit, delete and list instances of POJO JPA annotated beans in a database. For example, from this class (Person), jpa2web will generate this zk interface to add, delete,list and modify instances of Person.

This application is free and we hope you can contribute to its development.


Currently this software generates web interfaces for beans which have simple properties (string, integer, long, date and double) and relationships (onetoone, manytoone, many to many and onetomany). This generator will read JPA annotations from getter methods exclusively.

About the author
This software has been developed by Ing. Máximo Gurméndez, Sun Certified, J2EE Architect and Programmer.

This generator uses the following technologies: